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Pay Day Loan Leads

paydayloanIf you’re a payday loan lender, then you understand the difficulty of acquiring leads. Purchasing payday loan leads may be your best option for getting a return on your investment. Leads Bureau provides with a safe, effective to connect with interested clients without having to spend your marketing budget elsewhere.

Unsurpassed Quality

At Leads Bureau, we take lead generation very seriously. All of our leads are qualified, pre-verified, and ready to buy what you’re offering. All of your leads are vetted thoroughly so that you only get the prospects that are ready to sign on the dotted line. You will merely need to finalize the loan process once you receive all the pertinent information. We are constantly improving and figuring out how to provide our partners with the best leads.

Exclusive Leads

Leads Bureau does not use recycled leads or leads that have been given to other partners. When you receive one of our leads, you are the first and only lender to see that lead. You can rest assured that all the leads you get from Leads Bureau are 100% exclusive and effective.

Fast Response Time

As a payday loan lender, you don’t have all day to find clients. Some individuals will make up their minds quickly, so it’s important to get leads as soon as they become available. We can notify you via SMS, phone, fax, or email depending on your preference. You will always be notified of leads in your area and at your specifications.

Extensive Filtering

Leads Bureau also provides you with a number of filtering features so that you can decide what types of leads you want to see. Demographic information, location, and other information will determine whether we send you a lead or not. You will receive the most targeted “live” leads to ensure that you have the best chance of closing a deal.