Extended Warranty Leads

Extended Warranty Leads

Offering extended warranties Leads on cars and consumer durables is an income derivative for manufacturers as well as sellers. There are people looking for extended warranties to give them peace of mind in regard to the product they have purchased and there are people who can be persuaded to consider warranties precisely for this reason. In any case, it is a way to assure customer fidelity and long term revenues for you. If you are looking to expand your revenues through this avenue, get in touch with us..

At leadsbureau.com we have been focusing exclusively on generating positive, convertible leads for a wide range of clientele. Our expertise and in-depth experience is at your service and we assure you of only satisfaction-no disappointment or regrets. The moment you sign up, our team goes into action and drives a flock of extended warranty leads right to your doorstep, ready to sign. We follow ethical practices and operate in an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

The Leadsbureau advantage

  • Highly targeted, ready to be converted leads
  • No set up charges, flexible packages and trial to give you confidence and build up trust
  • Free Lead Management Software for better coordination and collaboration between us and your staff
  • Reduction in manpower costs for you, enhanced flow of meaningful leads that you only have to convert, not spend time on persuading
  • Transfer of live leads by email, fax or SMS and voice call transfer for telephonic hot leads for extended warranty
  • Categorized leads set up according to your preferences

Why Leads Bureau?

It takes experience, skills, a special understanding of media in all its forms and a knowledge of how to exploit it and zero in on prospects unerringly within a day of deployment of our extended warranty lead package. We possess these in abundance and assure you of results from day one and promise full value for money besides meeting your expectations. Our activities not only gather in existing leads but also sow seeds for long term, continuous flow of business to your doorstep.