About us

Founded in 2004, “Leads Bureau” is an innovative, top quality Online lead generation and full service online marketing company. Our exclusive team is comprised of pioneers with over 10 years experience in online lead generation and technology. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality consumer leads to our clients. With our diligent efforts, advanced filtering and state of the art verifying process, we guarantee quality and results for every lead we provide.
With a combination of the most advanced technology and quality marketing solutions, Leads Bureau sets the standards for lead trading. We instantly verify, qualify and have option to live transfer our quality leads to our clients eliminating the risk of any duplicates or bad leads.

We at Leads Bureau recognize that wasting time and resources on poor quality leads means losing money. We stand behind our product and deliver exactly what we offer. Our products and services will restore quality back to the online lead generation industry bringing leads for our clients resulting in sales!
Leads Bureau is revolutionizing the lead industry and introducing integrity and quality to internet lead trading.